Presentazione Festival 2018 – ENG

Conceived and organised by the èStoria Cultural Association, the Festival aims to be a reference point for dialogue and for a critical historical and historiographical debate on the great changes that have marked the course of history, from its origins to current events.

Migrazioni” is the title of the fourteenth edition of èStoria, scheduled in Gorizia on May 17 to 20, 2018. This year’s Festival will deal with a crucial, topical issue, the source of many questions and capable of evoking opposing feelings, which needs to be addressed with the rigour of historical research and the expert ability to provide information about the past. As usual, the approach will be historiographical but also interdisciplinary, to connect – through a rigorous historical perspective provided by authoritative names in the historical and cultural scene – literature, cinema, music, art, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, economics and other subjects, divided into three main areas:

A long-term phenomena. A chronological overview of some key stages from prehistory to the twentieth century;

Interpreting the present. Migration and current events;

Narrations. A story of stories, protagonists, testimonies and events.

Much of the Festival will be dedicated to important editorial news and to historical anniversaries of particular interest. Until 2019, èStoria will also keep focusing on the theme of the Great War with the Trenches section, while collaborations continue with youth associations and local associations through dedicated sections. The programme will offer a full schedule of events including multi-party debates, meetings with the author, readings, presentations and exhibitions.

During the Festival, historical and cultural tours aboard our èStoriabus will also be organised.